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L Rod Sensor

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L Rod Sensor

  • Vendor: Paul Aina
  • Availability: In stock (100 items)
  • Product Type: Sensor

Unlike other available products that need to be powered by a source, our sensors are powered by the earth's magnetic field and other natural forces to perform their tasks for searching programmed targets.
This means that multiple sensors can search the same area each programmed to search for different items.

For animals, other parameters like molecular structure and DNA codes are imputed into the sensors and the sensors lead to where they are without the conventional tagging for such.

Very useful for researchers, hobbyists,mineral exploration anything you can think of you can find it now.

while walking, or driving in a car, on helicopter-borne or at sea or in the wild.

The cost is as from $1200 and above depending on the task the prices would be negotiated

 We only create sensors for legal approved items and sensors are not to be used for negative purposes and we shall review all request and have rights to refuse some orders